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Barkston Place was established in 2005 to provide a family home for orphans and children in need. We have been through many changes in the 10 years of our existence with four children being adopted and a shift towards sponsoring the education of needy children and young adults.


We are sponsoring the education of 10 children at model C schools, six of the children are in residence in a house in Blairgowrie. One young adult is in residence in a cottage in Blairgowrie. Having been sponsored by Barkston Place to obtain an International qualification in Beauty Therapy we have now established Barkston Beauty Salon for her(see the link Button) We sponsor the education of three children at a small private school in Diepsloot and one young adult at the University of Johannesburg.  We are also sponsoring a child in Orange Farm who’s mom is no longer able to care for him due to terminal illness. We have two full time South African Housemothers who care for our children in a loving and nurturing way.


Barkston Place offers our children a place to call home in a family environment. Our approach is a quality not quantity approach. We make sure the children are taken care of on all levels, good education, good nutrition, safety and protection as well as their emotional wellbeing, and most importantly, that they are loved. We have seen such great results and our children are flourishing in all areas of their development. Our children are part of the Blairgowrie community and attend the local schools, which are just around the corner. They participate in a wide range of activities and members of our community volunteer with different services to add value to their lives and assist in their development. Our aim is to raise a family of Christians who will become independent and contributing members of our society.


We do not receive any government funding or subsidies and rely totally on donations from friends, families, companies and organisations.


All 16 Students (100%) that we support are Black and from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Nonprofit Organisation

Barkston Place has been registered by the Department of Social Development as a Nonprofit Organisation 

Registration number: 045-132-NP0.


We have a board of 5 Directors who ensure that Barkston Place is a well run and accountable Organisation.

Mark Knocker: School Teacher by profession and runs his own Advertising business Marnox Media.

David Tomlinson: Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of Heronbridge College and Heronbridge Estate.

Kerri Jacobs: School Teacher by profession, works for Marnox Media as the Admin Manager.

Elspeth Tomlinson: Administration & Financial Manager at Heronbridge College and Heronbridge Estate

Suzanne Knocker: Nursery School Teacher by profession and manages operations at Barkston Place.

Public Benefit Organisation

Barkston Place has been registered by SARS as a PBO with approval for section 18A (1) (a) which means donations to Barkston Place are tax deductible. We issue a Donation Receipt with each donation received. 


We would welcome any contributions that you are able to make, to assist with the running of our Organisation. 

Thank you for considering Barkston Place.

Yours sincerely,



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